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TRAME OIL & ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIALIST, INC., is duly organized and existing by the virtue of the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, and duly registered by the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) permitted by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and accredited by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) to do business as TREATER and TRANSPORTER for HAZARDOUS WASTE MANAGEMENT in accordance to RA 6969 also known as “ Toxic Substances and Hazardous and Nuclear Waste Control”.

TRAME OIL & ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIALIST, INC., aims to provide integrated environmental solutions for domestic and industrial companies that generate hazardous & non-hazardous wastes, specifically hazardous waste oil, wastewater, acid and other waste materials in future. It shall concentrate to be partner with its clients and communities to manage and reduce imminent wastes through offered services of its collection, treatment and disposal, and further recovering valuable resources while creating a clean and healthy environment. Moreover, it will actively pursue future projects and initiatives that benefit the clients/industries, the communities it shall serve, and the environment.

TRAME OIL & ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIALIST, INC. is strongly committed to save having a greener environment, promoting a wide diversity and inclusion. Our focus is to support minority and other local municipalities and other government organizations that strive to improve opportunities for professional development and advancement. We believe it is imperative to exhibit the highest ethical standards — as a company and as individuals. Our aim is to be defined by a culture that reflects our core values. Our values provide the foundation for our company’s practices and standards.

For a year of operation, TRAME OIL & ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIALIST, INC., has been successful in recovering spent solvent and used oil, and in treatment of sludge and other industrial waste materials and expand its operation by increasing the capacity – the volume of waste to accommodate/support other prospect clients with bulk volume of various industrial wastes. Relative to the compliance with the government and environmental laws and regulations, we ensure safe operations that protect people, the environment communities and assets.


TRAME OIL & ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIALIST, INC. is committed to be a top caliber environmental friendly company with systematic high quality management system for customer’s satisfaction. Guided by its philosophy to continuously improve the customize engineering design technologies cost effective treatment process, storage and disposal of hazardous / non-hazardous industrial waste to promote environmental protection and preservation of natural resources. Aim to take care the environment with our environmental friendly solution, working as a team to meet our customer’s requirement in one goal to support saving the PLANT EARTH.


To be recognize as world leading company service provider on waste management system, focus on environment friendly solution on address environmental issue. Endeavor to create world class competitive technologies with international standard quality continuously improve to support in the preservation of the earth for the next generation.